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Literacy requires rare tools. Paper and writing instruments are not common in this setting. They are not mechanically limited, although we’d appreciate it if people could limit the use of paper; for example, starting a leaflet campaign would be inappropriate.

Outlook language

There is a shared, written, Outlook language, which is different from that of AI and machines. This is physrepped by English, and if printed it would be preferable for it to appear handwritten, although legibility is the primary concern. There is likely to be a Noticeboard in the Interactive venue, which includes a written summary of the week’s major events.

Citadel Script

Citadel Script is the language of technology. The Citadel machines have a defined script, which is physrepped by mirrored writing. If, for whatever reason, an electrical screen appears in play it will always also display Citadel Script, even if the physrep makes it appear otherwise. You may not read Citadel Script without the ability to do so, nor may you write Citadel Script without that ability. These are separate abilities. Some Citadel machines interact only via the medium of Citadel Script. If a keyboard appears in play, then the letters on its surface are supposed to be in Citadel Script.

Anyone with the ability to read Citadel Script may borrow a mirror if they are not confident to read mirror script OOC, or if they want to speed up their ability to read it. A quick way to mirror writing on a page is to look from the opposite side with it held towards the light, if appropriate for the physrep.

If you accidentally catch a glimpse Citadel Script without the skill, and read a word or two contained with, then you may justify that your character has noticed just those words. Please do not look at script with the intention of doing this, but we realise accidents happen and are okay with a compromise between people “stonewalling” their OOC knowledge and their IC knowledge.

AIs admire their own version of literacy, and will refuse to read anything not written in Citadel Script. If you are trying to write something for an AI, and have the skill, but will find it difficult to write things “backwards”, then you may add an OOC note that it’s in Citadel Script.