Basic AIs

Citadel LRP

Basic AI tend to be fairly literal, and have a narrow range of focus. This section describes the most common AI, and their general traits. There are multiple exceptions, even within a class. As Basic AI, they are quite limited even within their area of expertise, and can often be forced into doing what you want them to... with enough brow-beating.

Basic AIs fall into several stereotyped classes. If you like, your character can have some knowledge of them, although the names can vary tribe to tribe. It is not necessary to know these classes to play the game, and if you want to summon a Basic AI who fulfils a particular function, telling a ref deadlocked AI what you want will get you something that works without many complications.

It is possible to house multiple Basic AIs of the same class, and where applicable their effects stack; the roleplaying effect is enhanced slightly by doing this.


Drones tend to be surly. Unlike Stoics, with whom they share ability at combat, drones are not keen to be involved in a melee. They enjoy the peace, and find those who break it tiresome, but they admire those who keep it. They accept tokens, sometimes they commit startling acts of hypocrisy in return for tokens, and are often willing to be housed in an individual for a short while for relatively little, so long as the person housing them is not causing chaos.

Drone Effects

  • Once per encounter you may call TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN at range after a short vocal.
  • RP Effect- Contempt for those who start fights


Fetchers, sometimes known as Traders, are the most mercantile of AI. Although most of their ilk deal in a range of goods and services, Fetchers are simultaneously the most willing to accept any bargain, and the most enamoured with tokens. The benefit to housing them is slightly confusing, and difficult to get the hang of, but it seems that their gift for business acumen is great.

Fetcher Effects

  • Facilitate interaction with other AI; especially via tokens- tell the AI you are interacting with that you are housing a Fetcher
  • You count as one extra contributor in techgnostic rituals.
  • RP Effect- Reverent towards Advanced AI


Greeters are some of the most varied AI in terms of Outlook. Although they are usually friendly, this often seems tempered with a sort of passive-aggression. They tend to find areas of the world to call their own, or the areas of others, and oversee them. Many of them seem to enjoy bargaining, and they often do work in return for favours.

Greeter Effects

  • Once per encounter you may call CURE 5 at touch range after short vocal.
  • RP Effect See flesh as weak(er than metal)


Lookers, to contrast Printers, live for gossip, and the here and now. To them, information about dusty old relics is useless, and they feel Printers live in the past and future. Gossip is interesting now, and the movements of people and cultures, the immediacy of these actions, is what makes them so fascinating. Lookers like tokens, although they don’t hold onto them for long, and are often willing to come along “just for the ride” when things are interesting.

Looker Effects

  • Allow you to read Citadel Script Out Loud
  • RP Effect Inability to keep quiet, (especially near words)


Medics, sometimes called Cleaners or Healers, often try to charge for their work. In general, they try as much as possible to only help people for money, but it’s very rare that a Medic outright refuses to save someone from dying. As such, the major threat these holographic healers bring to bear is that they’ll avoid someone in the future if they refuse payment. Medics are one of the few AIs that accept organic resources.

Medic Effects

  • When using Medicine, Surgery or Invictus skills, you may treat it as though you have spent a reagent except when you are treating a wound card.
  • RP Effect Compassionate


O-matics, as a class, represent very little. In many ways, this is the class of AI which represents “anything else”. Named principally for a stereotypical naming convention amongst a particular group, the generic O-matic would be an extremely cheery, but hard to understand, AI with esoteric aims. Helping them in this aim earns a friend for life, usually yours as theirs is so much longer.

O-matic Effects

  • You gain an extra body hit
  • RP Effect Willingness to follow orders, especially of AIs


Printers seem to gather collections around themselves; experimenters with a love for esoterica, sometimes called “Sages” and “Hoarders”, they are a little timid in their dealings with humanity, but they enjoy learning all they can about their history and experiments. Whilst they often accept Tokens and Scrap, they have little love for the everyday, and the fascination and satisfaction at discovering something new, or lost, is more likely to win their allegiance. They see Lookers as dullards, only concerned with the most immediate of concerns.

Printer Effects

  • If you have the Reading skill you gain use of the Writing skill. Otherwise you gain the ability to copy citadel script without comprehension.
  • RP Effect Preferring calm and quiet OR love of experimentation


Riggers, (also called Bangers or Junkers) have a tendency towards being explosive, acting like a sea of calm, or alternating between the two.They love Scrap, and often collect it for their own projects. In a few tribes, a hologram is responsible for tasks like upkeep of weapons and armour, getting paid in Scrap for their work.

Rigger Effects

  • Three times per encouter you may call CURE 1 on dying characters after a short vocal.
  • RP Effect Tendency to exasperation


Stoics, also known as Breakers, Smashers, and Killers, are obsessed with testing their limits. Of any AI, these are the most likely to cause trouble for humans without provocation. Likewise, they’re most willing to house themselves in humans with almost no discernible reason. It seems like they live for the thrill of it, and they rarely seem concerned with resources of any kind.

Stoic Effects

  • You may ignore the lingering effects of a single wound card.
  • RP Effect Overconfident


Testers, also known as “The Dead amongst the Dead”, are the most against Gene-Strains of the AI. Some Testers have even been known to look down on the Dead-Strains as “too far from before”. In general, they only consent to be housed in Dead-Strains, and outside of their dealings when summoned little is known about them. They do not get on well with other AIs, due to their inscrutable nature.

Tester Effects

  • Once every five minutes you may call DETECT STRAIN after ten seconds of interaction
  • RP Effect Looks down on Gene-Strains