World History

Citadel LRP

General knowledge of the World before the Decline is uncommon, and often in the form of stories and myth, as well as what can be gleaned from AI who are able to remember small details of their work before the Decline. Indeed, a known fact is that almost every AI involved with the recording of history is in some way broken - a loss of memory likely from a failure to be backed up over the centuries. The most commonly known facts are the following.

The Decline

At some point, hundreds of years ago, humanity started slipping. Whether this was from mutations, lack of mutations,a series of conflicts draining resources, or failure to trade, is unclear. All that is agreed is that it was not a single war - it was a slow fall from grace, as the lights went out across the world.

The Assumption of the Citadel

Around the time of The Decline, a group of AI led a number of humans into its embrace, then closed forever. This was by various means - walking, transports that glided through the land and sky, and in some versions of the myth even being bodily ascended into the building. This is seen as the official end of the World Before.

The Great Silence

This was the point at which most technology from the World Before ceased to work. It is disagreed whether this happened over years, or in a single day, and indeed whether it happened before or after the Assumption. It was about this point where those who believe in foreign lands past the Expanses agree that contact with them was cut off.

Origination Myths

Each tribe has their own origination myth - how they came to The Outlook. For some, it was that they were close to being sufficiently good for the Assumption, and were led to the gates, but turned away at the last moment due to some perceived defect of a single member, who was then banished for their crime. This is the tale of the Mutati, who blame their banishment on the Trickster Suzo, who mimicked an AI to attempt to get themselves in, when they did not deserve it.

For others, like the Cartographers, it is that they explored the world, and were drawn here by marks on the stars, ancient trails long forgotten, and AIs that wanted to give them the blessings of this truly good place. Travellers to a promised land, they intend to make the most of it.

The Diamonds, and other of a similar ilk, claim they were aware of the Decline, and began their own plans to oppose it - in their case, preserving the past through attempting to create ever-living versions of themselves as AIs.

The Gates Swung Open

This happened yesterday. Without warning, the Citadel suddenly opened, much to the excitement of many AI, who almost unanimously encouraged people to visit. The usual guards from the Southern Road are gone… at least for the time being.

News of this event has not travelled very far yet.