Outlook Geography

Citadel LRP

The Outlook is a circular crater-like canyon, surrounded by high cliff faces. It stretches on for around 70 miles and is about half a mile deep. The canyon contains quite a few visible landmarks.

The Walls

Surrounding the Outlook, the cliffs rise sharply for some half-mile. There were clearly once efficient ways of climbing the walls of The Outlook, including boxes attached to the sides with snapped wiry ropes, as well as great staircases - but most of these are damaged, impassable, or guarded by very dangerous AIs.

People still do climb the cliffs, and indeed the Seil Tribe are known for their travelling rope settlements that crawl around the outsides of The Outlook showcasing human ingenuity.

Various ruins stretch around the upper lip of the cliffs, seemingly looking down into the canyon. Some of these are filled with books in Citadel script, others with strange brackish indoor pools, even more with flickering, once fluorescent lights and abandoned beds.

Cartographer’s Rock

This is found to the South East, a crop of rocks with a flag erected there, the symbol of the Cartographer tribe. It is known as a good place for sketching the entire of the Outlook, as the sun shines well in the afternoon behind it. Benches are carved out of the stones and rocks, some worn down by generations having sat in them. Every few years, the Cartographer Tribe all gather together to elect a new Pathfinder here.

The Great Southern Road

This is a flattened path that leads from the walls of the Canyon, coming from one of the few most well preserved routes down from the top. The road stretches out, bursting out of a hillock near the cliffs, continuing towards the Citadel proper. The road is protected by many Guardian AI, who punish all those who step on the path without what they describe as Proper Authorization. It is unknown what this is.

Some tribes are known for taking the Southern Road as a sort of challenge, their warriors seeing how far down the path they can make it as a sort of test of strength. None have managed to complete the entire road from the edge of the Canyon to the Citadel itself.

The Twisted Steppe

The North East, a grassy and more hilly area of the Outlook that lies close to the edge of the Canyon. Oddys are fairly common here, but the grass is gnarled and twisted, changed by the step of these beasts making hunting quite dangerous. Odd fruits and ingredients grow here, harvested by some tribes for folk remedies.

The Western Woods

A well known area with plentiful creatures and beasts. No tribes settle here due to the density of the forest, and so far it has been impossible to clear out the creatures that dwell in there.

The White Outpost

To the West, just past the Western Woods, lies a small outpost. The outpost contains a small mound with a strange white panel stretching into the air. The panel glows similarly to the Citadel, but the light seems sicklier, cascading down the panel.

Whenever the outpost is visited, the area around it appears abandoned. However, there are the scents of recently put out fires, and at night noises and movements can be heard from beneath the mound …