Citadel LRP

Please familiarise yourself with the safety rules

Hit points are global; you lose at least one hit whenever you are struck by a weapon. If any effect brings you below 1HP, your HP are set to 0.

States of Being

Normal You are on more than 0HP. You may use any abilities that do not explicitly say otherwise.
Dying: You are on 0HP. You are conscious, but must fall or crouch, and are unable to move about (except for reasons of safety) and may only use abilities which are explicitly possible whilst dying. If you receive a CURE call, then you may get back up and continue on as normal. After your bleed count (normally 90s) you become Terminal. You may talk and scream dying.
Terminal: You’re going to die and can’t use any abilities, but you can eke out that last piece of wisdom or final scene before you go. You may not move under your own power. Healing has no effect on you.

Coup de Grace

  • It takes 10 seconds to execute a dying or terminal character
  • It must be obvious to others that you are executing someone

You may execute a dying or a terminal character with 10 seconds of an appropriate role play. You must be in melee range and your role play must be obvious. It must be clear to anyone within a couple of meters that you are executing your target.

A common way to ensure fairness is to loudly count "Executing X" from one to ten before actually performing the deed, but you may of course choose differently.

Citadel System Calls

For a list of calls see here

  • You may make one call per second
  • Ranged calls have maximum range of 10m
  • Every weapon hit is an implicit SINGLE
  • Every arrow hit is an implicit CRUSH

Melee calls require you to hit with a weapon followed by saying the words that make up the call (*weapon hit* "TRIPLE"). Ranged calls need you to identify the target and then follow with the rest of the call (*pointed finger* “You in the white mask, STRIKEDOWN” or *arms wide* “WIDE MUTATE”).

You may imply a SINGLE, foregoing saying it; if you are hit by a LARP-safe weapon and no call is made, assume that the call is SINGLE. Likewise, all Arrows and Bolts deal CRUSH, it is not necessary to say this, and if you are hit by an arrow, then you must take the CRUSH call.

In melee, you are only allowed to make one blow per second. Please do not “drumroll” by tapping your weapon quickly against the target. It is acceptable to parry and block melee blows, but please do not attempt to parry arrows; if you are lucky enough to be using a shield, you may block them. It is completely unsafe to parry arrows, for everyone near you as well as you. If you accidentally parry an arrow, please act as though it hit you.

You may not make more than one call per second. This includes the implied SINGLE when you tap someone with your LARP-safe weapon. A single call which combines two effects, for example TRIPLE STRIKEDOWN counts as a single call.

If two mutually incompatible calls hit you, other than EFFECT calls, then take the most recent one. If two different EFFECT calls clash, see a ref.

Resistances and Tags

  • Resistances require wearing a corresponding tag

If a call does not have its intended effect, the target of the call must call RESIST. This applies both in the case when the effect is entirely nullified and in the case that the effect is reduced.

Two broad cases of resistance are common in the the system, resistance to damage and and resistance to CRUSH. These are always signposted by the target wearing a specific tag. The appropriate skill or ability may not be used if the person does not wear the corresponding tag.


The Dodge skill and similar innate abilities allow the target to call RESIST to reduce any damage call (i.e. not EFFECT, CURSE or MUTATE) to SINGLE instead. The tag informs observers that the particular person or creature seems very nimble and likely capable of dodging blows. The Nimble Tag is yellow.


The Skilled Deflection skill and similar innate abilities allow someone to call RESIST to reduce CRUSH to TRIPLE instead. The corresponding tag informs observers that this creature or person is particularly sturdy and blows that would ordinarily fell the creature or person might not be as effective. The Sturdy Tag is blue.

Immune to Subversion

Some AI and creatures are immune to character influence and cannot be subverted. The deadlock AI are one such example. The Immunity Tag is white.


  • Warriors start with a pool of two stamina
  • Stamina is spent on heroic feats if the Warrior has appropriate skills
  • Stamina pool regenerates after 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay while not in combat

Warriors possess a pool of inner strength called stamina they can draw on to perform heroic feats.

Starting Warriors get a pool of two stamina which can be enlarged by learning appropriate skills. This pool regenerates with 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay while not in combat. This could be represented by catching a second wind, walking off stiff muscles or sitting down and chatting with friends.

Non-contact combat

Some people cannot be hit with a LARP weapon for OOC reasons. If you wish to attack a character played by someone who is non-contact do not strike or swing with your weapon. Instead you must be close enough to strike them, point your weapon at them and call damage as though you were striking.