Basic Mutations

Citadel LRP

The mutations denoted with an asterisk (*) do not have phys-rep requirements. If someone searches you please inform them you possess the relevant mutation.

Mutation Effect
Antenna You may call RESIST after being told “would you kindly” once per encounter or every five minutes, taking the call as SINGLE instead.
Scales* You gain two extra hits from natural armour. (This is one net extra hit, since every mutation reduces base body hits by one.)
Antlers You may call “RESIST” to any effect that changes your emotional state, and may choose your own response.
Gills You may “DETECT NATURE” or “DETECT STRAIN” with 10s of interaction no more than once per five minutes, as you filter scents through the air.
Extra Eye You count as an additional participant in any Communion. You require an extra 30s to regain Focus.
Green skin* You may call RESIST to treat CRUSH as TRIPLE REPEL. You must wear STURDY tag.
Horns Once per Encounter, you may call MASS REPEL
Tail You may RESIST a single combat call once per encounter. You must wear the NIMBLE tag.
Fur* The first wound you take (per uptime) has no effect, tell this to whoever gives it to you
Claws You may make two calls of TRIPLE with a strike per encounter. You do not need to strike with the phys-rep for this call, but you still need to land a melee hit to make the call.

Phys-rep caveats

If your claws are LARP-safe and passed weapons check you may make melee strikes with them - they count as short weapons. You may wield a weapon and use claws on the other hand without the Ambidexterity skill. You may not parry with claws (it’s unsafe).

You may have the physical look of any of these mutations without the effect or cost.