Citadel LRP

Your character has an entire week of off-screen life that we do not roleplay. You can inform the refs about some of the things your character doing in this time. This is entirely optional and if you do not submit a downtime for your character, we will assume they scavenged for resources and you will start the next interactive with an extra random basic resource.

Submitting Downtime

Downtime can be submitted using this form. The deadline to submit the downtime is usually midnight on Sunday.

Downtime Mechanics and Limitations

During Downtime the Citadel is closed. It is not possible to interact with the inside of the Citadel during downtime, unless there was an explicit uptime opportunity which the refs made clear. Although player action may force such an opportunity, such will be the exception and not the rule. In the absence of such an opportunity, here is the basic list of Downtime options.

Problems cannot be solved during Downtime. You can only alter the course of a problem, or make certain encounters happen in uptime, so that the problem can be solved in play.

Basic Agendas

Agendas marked with an asterisk (*) mimic corresponding skills, their effect is roughly equivalent to the skill in question

Find Rumours* Get a rumour or two.
Investigate Gather information and intelligence. This is very broad in scope and information provided depends on the investigated target.
Scavenge* Gain more basic resources, or gain a specific item
Sabotage Delays a faction from achieving a specific goal. This will not solve a problem, at best it will change a problem into a different problem.
Contact The contacted NPC or Faction representatives will turn up at Citadel in uptime.
Assist You may help an NPC or a Faction in a specific or a general way. This will not solve a problem, but it might mitigate some of the effects on a given NPC or Faction. They might become more pleasantly inclined towards you.

Advanced Agendas

Anything else. Not formalised, might not work in your favour. Having fed followers or connections will help you. Examples include spreading a rumour, raiding a faction or codifying a communion that you have successfully performed in during the interactive.

Downtime effects

You cannot solve a problem in Downtime, but you can make sure it appears in uptime, or weaken its position prior to uptime.

Finding out about novel things, or crafting new things, is primarily an uptime endeavour. Investigate is not a Research agenda, it's a Gather Information agenda. Downtime may be an appropriate venue to warn refs about upcoming attempts to cool things, however, as prepared refs write better results.

The effects as described involve the basic results one can gain from downtimes. Having the connection skills or fed followers will improve the effects of downtime actions. This means the sabotage is more potent or prevents a faction from achieving goal for long term, contacts come with favourable disposition or even bearing tribute, information gathering may yield other unrelated actionable intelligence etc.