Citadel LRP

Wounds have two parts, the acute effect, and the lingering effect. Immediately after acquiring the wound, the character starts suffering from the acute effect. Once the would has been healed, the acute effect disappears but the character will suffer the lingering effect until the next TIMEOUT. Using reagents while performing surgery may remove the lingering effect if the wound card text permits this.

Effects that suppress or ignore wounds only suppress a particular wound; there are no abilities which will allow you to ignore all wounds for longer than a single encounter. Wound effects are cumulative, if applicable.

Example Wounds

Snapped Limb

Your limb has been severely damaged. You find it almost impossible to move it.

Acute: Treat the limb as ruined

Lingering (removable by reagent): You treat DOUBLE and TRIPLE to the targeted limb as CRUSH as your limb is prone to dislocating at the site of injury

Punctured Lung

Acute: Your breathing is laboured, you may not speak louder than a whisper, and you are unable to muster the energy to use any Warrior skills, rites, rituals, powers or comunions. If you go untreated for five minutes you will become Terminal, you are aware of this impending doom.

Lingering: Your chest is still heavy, you find it difficult to raise your voice, taking twice as long to recover Stamina, or Focus. Healing all your hits without a reagent also takes twice as long: let the medic know as they start.


Acute: Your brain is surging with energy, which fills you with thoughts and feelings. Any roleplaying effects from AIs are magnified, and you are constantly distracted by flashing pain; you cannot regain Focus or Stamina. This can only be healed by a surgical grounding of the energies

Lingering: You have 1 fewer maximum Focus. If you do not have Focus, lucky you.