Citadel LRP

Part of a series about the Citadel LRP system

  • Robb Smith (Eurus Hamsterfey) - Head Ref
  • Nicholas Heitler
  • Rae Howard
  • ‎Tomáš Pilař
  • Ivan Slipper - Writing Ref

If you want to contact the Ref Team, use

Buffered Contact

If you have an issue that you want to raise, but want to have it filtered and buffered by a third person before reaching the ref team as a whole, for anonymity or other reasons, use Emails sent to this address will only be directly read by Ivan, and he will pass on anything you want passed on, filtered as requested by the sender.


We aim to keep the wiki up to date so that it can be considered an authoritative resource for the setting and the system. There has been changes to the system over the time it ran, these can be seen here.