Citadel LRP

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An ancient, advanced civilisation thrived before the Decline. Relics of that civilisation are now scattered across the “Outlook”. The plainest remnant is the Citadel. Since time immemorial, oral histories of every Tribe have described the humming, white walls. No human has ever entered it, and AIs have given little description, other than it was the seat of their creators’ power. Now it has opened, and the game will begin with the PCs first forays into this place.

Interactive Location

Interactives occur inside the Citadel; leaving the Citadel by any of the IC exits (which will be pointed out if they differ depending on venue) requires opening an ancient door, which takes about five seconds of appropriate roleplaying. We will find some way to prevent this making smashing the door in people’s faces OOC a great plan, whilst achieving the intent of this rule, which is to make escape difficult but not impossible.

Deadlocked AIs

Inside, as well as near, the Citadel are some “deadlocked” AIs. These are unlike normal AIs in that they seem to be unable to interact directly, and do not have an identifiable nature or purpose. They observe Communions and Rituals, and are known to answer basic questions. They are, as of yet, un-named. These are the refs, and AIs wearing the white tags of guides will always be impossible to impact or affect with skills, and will not involve themselves directly in plot, nor will the plot require interacting with them directly; although other AIs may be difficult to interact with, the term “deadlocked” is only used to refer to Ref AIs, and is insurmountable. (Deadlocked AIs are unable to distinguish between strains; they are equally accessible to either strain)


As the players learn more about The Citadel, more details may be added here.