Resources and Income

Citadel LRP

In general, there are four basic types of resource that are somewhat valuable in the Outlook. Tribes will hunt and scavenge for these but there is no real scarcity to speak of.


Shiny, inorganic, approximately-circular tokens can be found in the entire Outlook, but mainly in the vicinity of the Citadel. These come with a variety of pictures. These can be used in a variety of machines around the citadel in exchange for food, weapon, clothes and other finished items. It seems that AIs also like tokens, and because of this they can be sacrificed in Technopathic rituals.

Token phys-reps are Ducatto coins. Silver 1-4D coins are Basic resources. All other denomination are Advanced.


Organic resource. The unit of food is enough to feed a small band of followers for a week so they can focus on doing something other than surviving with their time. Food can also be used to empower communions, and to make poisons.

Food phys-reps are plastic foodstuffs or tied hessian baggies.


Inorganic Resource. Various technological debris that can be used by clever persons to craft AI housings or armour, repair broken machines etc. Scrap can also be used to empower rituals.

Scrap physreps are painted nuts and bolts.


These Organic Resources are very versatile, useful items that can empower medical procedures and mutations. They can also be sacrificed in communions to make the Psionic melding more powerful.

Reagent phys-reps are glass beads. Amongst others, there are two well known advanced reagents. Green reagents will grant three temporary hits when used in a surgery while red reagents will grant a single RESIST to a combat call (as per Dodge skill) when used in a surgery.

Advanced resources

These are unique resources, organic or inorganic that may be used in place of the basic counterparts. They usually have a much bigger effect.

Advanced resources will have unique phys-reps and are likely to have a ribbon. Examples include prime Oddy meat, which appears as a purple-oozying bag, "Drives" which have odd-coloured metal in them, and Golden versions of the Token.

Basic Income

It is assumed all characters and their allies have plenty of time to do things like hunt, gather and eat. By default, each player is assigned one pseudorandom resource at the start of the Interactive


All characters gain one XP every week immediatelly following the interactive. This happens regardless whether you play or crew or not show up at all. The XP level is effectively system-wide.

The XP may be spent to purchase new skills for a character. This may be done immediately before a linear or when submitting a downtime.